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Jiangsu Baichuan High-tech New Materials Co.,Ltd.(Abbreviation as ‘Baichuan stock’) is a company listed in SZSE (Shenzhen Stock Exchange) specializing in production of hi-tech fine chemical products, with two subsidiaries - Baichuan (Rugao) Chemical Co., Ltd. and Rugao Baichuan Chemical Material Co., Ltd.
BCC has long been devoted to research, development and production of many environment-friendly chemical products, such as acetates, propylene glycol ether and its esters, acid anhydrides, plasticizer, polyatomic alcohols, insulating resins and enamel wire paints. Such products are widely used in many fields, such as paintings, cementing compounds, pharmaceutical and medical treatment, household appliances, carpentry furniture, finishing and decoration, toys for children, package printing, industrial equipment, road marking, etc. BCC. is a long-term raw material supplier and partner for many world’s top 500 painting companies, such as Akzo Nobel, PPG, BASF, Nippon, Covestro, Kao and Allnex.
With our long-term brand promotion strategy, BCC has our own brand “BCCHEM” registered both domestically and internationally, and has established high recognition and good reputation among domestic and international customers.
BCC continues to implement the technical innovation strategy, as the undertaker of “Jiangsu Organic Solvent Technical Research Center”. With our own scientific research strength, BCC has already obtained great success in research and development of organic solvent and fine chemicals. In recent years, BCC has already applied for more than 70 inventions, and has been granted more than 30 patents by SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office).
BCC positively implements the technical standardization strategy, and continuously summarizes advanced methods found in research and development process. With management advantages in scientific research strength, production technology and product quality, BCC has successfully drafted/modified 8 national standards, such as GB/T3729 Specification for Butyl Acetate for Industrial Use, GB/T12717 Test Method of Acetates for Industrial Use, GB/T23967 Trimellitic Anhydride for Industrial Use and GB/T26609 Isobutyl Acetate for Industrial Use, and formulated 2 industrial standards with several entities, such as PetroChina Company Limited, Lanzhou Subsidiary.
BCC attaches great importance to safety and environmental protection. Wuxi Baichuan Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. and Baichuan (Rugao) Chemical Co., Ltd. both have achieved certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System as Grade II company in work safety standardization, and have passed review and evaluation in clean production.
With years of great effort, BCC. has already laid a solid foundation of sustainable and healthy development in management, market, technology, talents and enterprise reputation. In recent years, BCC has been rewarded with many honorary titles, such as Hi-tech Company, Jiangsu Private Technology Company, and also become a company with famous brand.
BCC always adheres to the company spirit “pragmatic, united, striving, and innovative”; upholds the development strategy of “harmonious development, scientific development, innovative development, and sustainable development”, the quality policy of “seeking survival and development by quality, and ceaselessly meeting new requirements of customers”; and keeps in mind our social responsibility of “energy saving and emission reduction, safety in production, care for employees, contribution to society”.
“One should be as encompassing as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers”, BCC will upholds the operation and management concept of “ceaseless pursuit of progress”, continue to follow the development direction of global fine chemical products, and devote ourself to development and production of fungible of poisonous and harmful chemical products, to build a world advanced environment-friendly enterprise.

Brand customers
Acetic Ester Products
Trimellitic Anhydride And Their Derivatives
Trimethylolpropane And Its By-products
Glycol Ether Products
Enamel Wire Paints
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