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N-Butyl Acetate
Other name: Acetic acid n-butyl ester
CAS number: 123-86-4
Product standard: GB/T 3729-2007
Annual capacity: 150,000 tons/year
Structural skeleton symbol: CH3COO(CH2)3CH3
Molecular weight: 116.16
Boiling point: 126.1°C
Flash point: 22°C
Technical requirements
Measuring items Technical Index
Appearance Clear liquid, free of any suspended impurities
Acetic acid n-butyl ester, w/% 99.5
N-butanol, w/% 0.2
Water, w/% 0.05
Acides (calculated as aetic acid), w/% 0.010
Chrominance/Hazen unit (Pt-Co color number) 10
Density,(ρ20)/(g/cm3 0.878~0.883
Package type

Bulk package, to be transported by the tank vehicles. It may also be packed in steel drums according to requirements of customers.


1. It is good organic solvent widely used in cellon lacquers, and used as solvent in processing artificial leather, fabrics and plastics. It may also be used in the spice industry.

2. It is certified by GB2760 - 96 as an allowable food spice. As a kind of spice, it is widely used to prepare essences such as banana, pear, pineapple, apricot, peach, strawberry and berries flavors. It may also be used as the solvent for natural adhesives and composite resins, etc.

3. It is used as an extractant in oil processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes; used in compounding of spices and as an component in various flavors, such as apricot, banana, pear and pineapple flavors; and also used as an analytic reagent, chromatographic reference matter and solvent.

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