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Enamel Wire Paints 
Other name: TOTM
CAS number: 3319-31-1
Product standard: HG/T 3874-2018
Annual capacity: 20,000 tons/year
Structural skeleton symbol: C6H3(COOC8H17)3
Molecular weight: 546.76
Crystallization point: ≥ -46℃
Boiling point: 258℃/0.13kPa
Technical requirements
 items Limits
Premium  grade Superior  grade
(1) Appearance Transparent oily liquid without visible impurities
(2) Chroma/(APHA) ≤40 ≤80
(3) Acid value/(as  KOH)/(mg/g) ≤0.15 ≤0.20
(4) Ester  content,w/% ≥99.5 ≥99.0
(5) Volumetric resistivity/(109Ω•m) ≥10 ≥3
(6) Moisture, w/% ≤0.10 ≤0.15
(7) Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate/(mg/kg) ≤300 ≤1000
(8) Density(20℃)/(g/cm3 0.984~0.991
(9) Flash point (in open cup)/℃ ≥240

It is slightly soluble in water and acetone, but can be soluble in the most organic solvents such as, alcohol, ether, ketone and others.

Package type

To be transported in bulk by the tank vehicles; and to be packed with steel barrels.


Mainly used for the raw materials of 105℃ grade heat resistant wire and cable as well as other products with higher heat resistance and durability requirements such as, plates, sheets, sealing pads and others. This product is also applicable to many kinds of plastic such as, vinyl chloride copolymer, cellulose nitrate, ethyl cellulose, poly methyl methacrylate and others.

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